About us

" The Statement is You "

Introducing you to the world of Miripret.

A statement apparel brand launched as a new chapter in one of India’s oldest textile and apparel manufacturing company. Mohan Overseas Pvt Ltd, D 171 okhla industrial area, New Delhi 110020

With manufacturing facilities located in Delhi and NCR, along with over four decades of experience in fabric and the fashion industry, Miripret is our creation of romance, blended with classic elegance, creating a new stance in this industry where we believe, 


Our artistic and fun approach gives you, the Miripret, a sense of confidence in lounge wear, resort wear, work wear. Our attention to colour, fabrics and detail keeps us one step ahead in an ever changing fashion industry! So for whatever look you want or need for whatever occasion Miripret has you covered!

India's Textile Heritage

India’s textile heritage dates back to the Silk Route and India remains the second largest producer of fibre in the world! 

We maybe be romantics at heart but we have a conscious mind! Miripret's emphasis is natural fibres sourced from India while showcasing the diversity and rich heritage of our country through embroidery techniques, printing of fabrics and in every detail we put into our products. 

International Design

Inspired by International trends, our work is  designed to compliment the casual and modern lifestyle we’ve adapted too! 

Slow fashion is the way forward, so at Miripret, we use high quality fabric, classic versatile designs to create epic pieces that will remain next to your little black dress for many seasons to come. 

Fluid Fashion

Fashion may change but grace is certainly eternal! 

Miripret looks to create styles which are fluid, body forgiving and fall perfectly, gently, so you feel your best version of you! Our flowing materials and styles aim to drape gracefully as Miripret combines soft textiles with Indian craftsmanship, creating a piece that’s not only unique, beautiful to look at but also a masterpiece of elegance. 

Easy to Care - Easy to Wear

Together we can all do our bit for the environment…now here’s your part! We’ve worked to create fabrics which are easy to wear and last if taken care of. 

We don’t recommend excess and frequent washing, which works perfectly to conserve water. 

We do however, recommend hand washing and shade drying. Some of the styles are embroidered, some multicoloured along side this, be warned they may have separate care instructions which we highly recommend you follow to keep your garment in tact. All our products have wash care labels and tags so please follow our recommendations.